Green Tech Logistics

The platform that

redefines logistics.

Fast connection to all your data.

Our platform connects with your TMS, ERP, and asset management system. An automated process of data extraction and machine learning algorithms that improves and enriches data quality.

With our platform you will be able to resolve all data quality issues such as missing events, values, and dimensions, as well as duplications and outliers.

As a result, you get detailed historical reporting on operational performance plus enhanced visibility on trends and inefficiencies for the future.

Values that lead us


Think big

We strive to be the industry standard database that reflects official company disclosure on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.


Follow the data

Acquisition of data with machine learning technology helps take control of your assets, provide more timely and accurate recommendations for store inventory management


Partners, not clients

We strive for a long-standing relationship with out clients and we will always find the solution that fits your needs


Always be learning

With deep learning algorithms, you can now analyze much more data, and forecast outcomes with up to more accuracy than ever before.

We optimize everything within your supply chain.