Founded in 2007, Zhipster has evolved into a pioneering logistics solution after years of software development, with its platform fully rolled out in 2013.

Zhipster’s platform, Flow Business, is a modern system that simplifies logistics and workflows, covers the entire process from order to delivery. The platform fosters intelligent collaboration between customers, distributors, transporters, and end-users, enhancing transparency and control in transport, adding value, and promoting greener transports.

The platform includes a comprehensive Transport Management System with additional services to handle the entire customer journey, from checkout to delivery and feedback. Designed for the future of freight purchasers and logistics developers, the platform suits all B2B and B2C trade companies.


2021.AI accelerates AI implementation by providing expertise in Data Science and their GRACE platform, with an emphasis on AI Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). The GRACE platform ensures trust in your AI through an easy, collaborative validation process that meets regulations and ethical standards.

2021.AI focuses on helping organizations implement and use AI efficiently through models, platform, and governance. The unique design and architecture of the GRACE AI platform cater to your AI aspirations. Since 2019, AI Governance has been a critical focus to ensure responsible AI implementation, adhering to global regulations, ethical guidelines, and codes of conduct.